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It’s Not About Good Leadership. It’s About The Right Leadership.

April 26, 2016
WOON Radio Broadcast – “The Mechanics of Business” interviews Stanley Davis

[Radio interview, sans commercials]
Company owners and executives know where they want to take their businesses.
How do they secure the right leaders to get them there?

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Stepping Onto A Business Tightrope - With No Net

April, 2014
by Stanley H. Davis
The following article responded to a report in the Wall Street Journal's April 9, 2014 edition that some mid-sized and larger companies are joining the start-ups and smalls by taking a gamble and operating with no Human Resources Department. Read More . .

The Ultimate Tie-Breaker

December 18, 2013
by Stanley H. Davis
Rhode Island Small Business Journal
Whether they acknowledge it or not, most business owners and executives know when their organization has outgrown its current leadership. Read More . .

Blueprint to Achieving Efficiency

November, 2013
by Stanley H. Davis
Construction Business Owner magazine
"The resolve of one business owner demonstrates that you can thrive even in the throes of recession" Read More . .

Empowered Employees Pay Off In, Out Of Work

November 18 - 24, 2013
by Stanley H. Davis
Providence Business News
Travelling to Boston via train for an evening meeting earlier this fall, sitting just in front of me a self-described business owner was quizzing a young man across the aisle about his employer. The owner knew the young man's employer and was curious about its level of activity, product offerings and capacities, customers and more. Read More . .

As quoted in Construction Business Owner magazine

Hone Your Hiring Skills

July, 2013
Read More . .

A Four Part Series: Advice to Job Seekers - From the Employers' Point of View

April - September, 2013
by Stanley H. Davis
The Herald News, Fall River, Massachusetts

September 6, 2013: Acing the Job Interview Read More . .

July 26, 2013: The Job Search Adventure Read More . .

June 22, 2013: Reflecting on the Resume Read More . .

April 26, 2013: The Perfect Candidate (from an employer's point of view) Read More . .

Key to Business Growth: New Leadership Paradigms

February, 2013
by Stanley H. Davis
Industry Today Magazine
'When a new venture is just a twinkle in their eyes, most business founders don't realize that their leadership assets likely won't meet the changing needs of their expanding enterprise. Read More . .

A Succession Case Study

November / December, 2012
by Stanley H. Davis
Family Business Magazine
'Three years ago, Malcolm Cooper, Jr., second-generation owner of J.K. Adams Company, made a serious assessment of future leadership prospects at his Vermont-based company. Read Summary . .
Read Full Text . .

The Blueprint for Future Leadership

September/ October, 2012
by Stanley H. Davis
Construction Accounting and Taxation Magazine
'Owners of businesses operating within the construction industry, who are considering ownership succession, are looking at a number of options besides an open market sale. Read More . .

Changing Roles in Healthcare Leadership

June 12, 2012
by Stanley H. Davis
Western Pennsylvania Hospital News
'No U.S. industry is more dynamic with futures more undefined, than healthcare. Accelerating changes in treatment, administration, industry restructurings, legislation, and regulation make it quickly evident that some managers once right for their original mission may no longer be the best fit to meet shifting expectations. Read More . .

Five Questions With: Stanley H. Davis

June 12, 2012
by Michael Souza, PBN Staff Writer
Providence Business News
'Mid-sized and larger companies are seeking executives who can lead change, and accelerate growth,' says Stanley H. Davis. Read More . .

Mission Critical Investments - The Right Leaders

June, 2012
by Stanley H. Davis
Financial Executive International magazine
Different leadership traits are demanded by each stage of a business's evolution - conception, launch, growth and maturity - and also by changes in corporate structure or ownership. Read More . .

In Executive Search, Avoid the Big Mistake

June 11, 2012
by Stanley H. Davis, A publication of the Hartford Business Journal
When a company approaches the need for new capital equipment, the acquisition is most often viewed as an investment, rather than a cost. Ultimately, the organization will measure the new equipment not in terms of outlay, but by its return on investment. Read More . .

The Job Benefits Key Executives Look for These Days

June 1, 2012
by Stanley H. Davis
Boston Business Journal Article
Companies compete fiercely to be a Best Place to Work. Many hiring boards and CEOs know that one key element in this competition is a comprehensive benefits package. But the benefits that are ultimate differentiators are not those that first come to mind. The definition of “benefits” is far broader. What do executives really want when seeking a new position? Benefits, perks and compensation do matter, but those are the basic costs of admission. The array may include health and dental insurance, 401(k), vacations, possibly a company car or auto allowance, club memberships, financial counseling, child care, wellness, and related programs or insurances. Read More . .

Leaders can make the extraordinary seem ordinary

Apr 08, 2010
A Discussion with Dr. Edward Mazze

by Stanley H. Davis
Providence Business News Article
Dr. Edward Mazze is Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration at the University of Rhode Island; a former CEO, a corporate Board member, an author and a celebrated former Dean of four graduate / undergraduate schools of business. He has provided counsel and support to state and national government leaders, family businesses, and corporate executives. With his almost 50 years of business and study, Dr. Mazze offers a distinctly pragmatic perspective on the conduct of business, and more specifically on the leaders who conduct it. Read More . . .

Tight Times Demand Smart Pay Choices

Mar 18, 2010
Providence Business News article

by Stanley H. Davis and Rich Higgins
Among the job elements listed by employees as key to their satisfaction and motivation, compensation rarely makes the top of the list. But among the irritants that will de-motivate and drive top talent out, compensation is the leading villain. Read More . . .

Decisive leadership counteracts tough times

Jan 21, 2008
Providence Business News article

by Stanley H. Davis
Every recent survey and analysis points to the approach of a tougher economy. The Financial Times’ John Gapper recently looked into the face of the “growing expectations of a U.S. recession” and the “varying degrees of uncertainty and worry” for business leaders for 2008. “The common theme is that the landscape is more treacherous than a year ago. It could also be a year in which the brave and deep-pocketed thrive at others’ expense.” Read More . . .

Put the right player in and your team wins 

Dec. 10, 2007:
Providence Business News article

by Stanley H. Davis
We recently interviewed 20 corporate leaders who acknowledged that their next failed hire won’t be their first. As C-level executives, corporate recruiters and search consultants, they all know the right steps to find great, new leaders. Recounting their recruiting missteps was not pleasant, but it certainly was instructive. Read More . . .

Employment Extra, Washington Times

June 14, 2004
Washington Times Article

by Jay Whitehead
. . . . Last week, I sat down with Stan Davis, Vice President of TowerHunter, a leading executive search firm. Located in their Washington, DC office, we discussed a variety of talent-management issues including outsourcing recruitment, investing in employees for internal promotions, and the real price of employee turnover. Below is a summary of our interview and your questions can be emailed to him directly at

Why is hiring the right people so important to the bottom line?
A qualified and talented employee might cost you dearly in salary, benefits and perks but the cost of hiring the wrong person will far exceed the compensation offer to the right person. The cost of replacing any productive employee will run between 50% and 100% (or more) of annual pay. Hiring the wrong replacement will force you to repeat this process and compound the cost.

What costs make up the heavy penalty for a bad hire?
Vacant positions will delay business decisions and activities, impact productivity, increase overtime or contract labor costs and reduce service levels to customers. And, even a qualified new hire will cause three to six months of reduced productivity while they come up to speed. As importantly, a swinging door of departures and new hires can undermine the staff morale that is critical for maintaining, nurturing and driving all of your investments and operations.

How does a company minimize hiring costs?
Strong planning. Just like companies plan for equipment and services to meet business objectives, they must also plan for the right people to make it all happen. Focus on developing and retaining the talent you already have - make sure they're challenged and trained, recognized and competitively rewarded, and that they know they're an important part of your team. If you're successful, you'll minimize your turnover, increase morale and eliminate costs.

What advantages does an outside executive search firm offer in the hiring process?
In addition to deploying the right resources and experience to quickly produce the best talent for an open position, a good executive search consultant will provide you with experienced, unbiased operational and organizational insights as the search strategy and process proceed. Our third party insight is an asset to match the field of candidates not only to the job requirements, but also to the business culture and operational character.


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