Standish Executive Search

The Standish Model ©

The conventional executive search model was developed by consultants to meet the needs of very large companies. The resulting process, support and fees were tailored to the assumption that every business client has the same in-house expertise and resources to plan, support and follow-up an executive search.

The Standish Model® for executive search recognizes that mid-size and smaller companies do not maintain the in-house resources to support executive search efforts. In addition to the search itself, Standish provides the added expertise and resources to assure a successful outcome. Under the Standish Model the assigned Principal

  • Studies and understands each client’s unique operations, strategy and culture. Provides essential advice and support to develop a right profile and search plan
  • Builds each search campaign on a timeline with milestones
  • Develops detailed candidate analyses, reference interviews, and background checks
  • Facilitates the assimilation of new executives
  • Supports the selected executive and the hiring organization for at least six months following placement, to build the foundation for an effective long term relationship
  • Guarantees all placements for one year, regardless of reason for separation
  • Puts a portion of the retainer fee at risk for twelve months following placement
  • Tailors a retainer agreement to best meet each client’s needs; prudently manages expenses; and charges no administrative fees
  • Provides expert search and advisory services, for one results-based fee

Every Standish executive search campaign is led by a Standish principal

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