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STANDISH brings decades of expertise in business growth, transformation, and succession, to lead executive searches for mid-sized and smaller companies. The firm welcomes conversations with business leaders in selected industry segments to assess the opportunities that may be available through the deployment of new leadership.

The manufacturing sector in America employs nearly 14 million people, and at more than 1/8th of the country’s GDP is central to its prosperity and security. In its 200+ year history, US manufacturers have been pragmatic innovators – products, technology, productivity, quality – and have persistently met the tests of changing competition. The segment recognizes its challenge to keep pace through continuous innovation, improvement, and capital investment…and that the competitive differentiator continues to be great leadership.

“We engaged Stan Davis to lead our executive search for a VP of Operations and Engineering position which is a key component in the succession plan for our niche market, family owned manufacturing business. Stan provided a well proven search process and demonstrated his ability to develop an accurate candidate profile that matches our strategic goals, business model and unique culture, resulting in a top talent hire for this key position. He is as committed to the success of the newly hired VP and the company as if it were his own business. We are very impressed with his performance.” — Mr. Peter B. Fahlman, President, Ferguson Perforating, Inc., Providence, RI.

Successful organizations continuously adjust their capabilities and capacities. Often they turn to the expertise or resources of other businesses to expand offerings or markets, provide new technologies, seize a competitive advantage, or otherwise supplement their own resources. As innovations develop, markets change, and new competitors appear, business-to-business services add their specialized expertise to support their client’s objectives. These businesses require innovative leaders with optimum agility. And with their people intensive resources, leaders must also have particular expertise in managing human capital.

We have engaged Stan Davis and his firm to lead a number of challenging searches for key positions. He made a commitment to our company. He learned our unique business model and our culture and clearly understood our very focused talent objectives. Stan and his firm’s processes are meticulous and they attracted and introduced great talent from limited sources of specialized candidates — Dr. Ronald Sims SVP FPMI Solutions, Inc., Alexandria, VA

Not-for-profit organizations provide essential services not only to American and global communities, but also to common interest groups and associations with non-profit objectives. In addition to all the talents demanded of their for profit counterparts, not-for-profit executives must manage the varied interests of passionately invested sponsors and stakeholders, and solicit the generosity of unselfish contributors. In many not-for-profit organizations, addressing the mission is also reliant on effectively attracting, deploying and retaining a legion of unpaid volunteers. The complexities of not-for-profit organizations demand accomplished executives who are exceptionally adept and mission-committed.

In our search to engage a new CEO, Stan Davis teamed with our Board Search Committee to identify, evaluate and engage the right new executive to lead the Red Cross for the State of Rhode Island. The candidates that he evaluated and recommended were outstanding. He knows executive talent and the not-for-profit space and we appreciated his focus on our mission and specific needs. Stan’s expertise, commitment, and disciplined process were welcome assets best measured by the outcome–our Board’s engagement of a great new CEO. — Mr. Kevin F. Smith, Chair, Rhode Island Red Cross; and President & CEO Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting

Family owned businesses have all the attributes and challenges of more widely owned enterprises. Yet they also have a distinctive bond with their past and future legacies and, generally, a heightened commitment to their communities and employees. Their attention to financial performance is often moderated by the family’s other objectives. The caliber of executives in a great family owned company is as good as any business, yet the character and culture can be quite different. Understanding that difference is crucial.

In transforming our business, through Stan Davis’s executive search leadership we’ve engaged a CEO (to replace me) and a new VP of Operations. By combining key leaders with our tenured talent we now have the right team to lead our business and accelerate our growth — Mr. Stanley Richards, Chairman, The Richards Corporation, Sterling, VA

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